Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

While a patent confers wide statutory rights on its owner, certain technologies and innovations are better protected as trade secrets. Know-how, technical information, business information are examples of information that are protectable as Trade secrets and Confidential Information.

Our firm provides the following services to both our local and overseas clients:-

Identifying Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Together with our partners, we can conduct an audit and identification of trade secrets, including criticality-assessment to determine your most essential intellectual assets.

Trade Secrets Protection Program

Development of a comprehensive company-wide protection program to ensure the safeguarding of your trade secrets, which includes drafting and reviewing of employment agreements and company policies and practices.

Trade Secrets / Confidential Information Breach Management

Where there has been unauthorized use of trade secrets or confidential information or whether you have been accused of an unauthorized use, we can assist by representing you in dispute resolution procedures.